Son de Vigo

Vigo’s new music talents

All of Vigo’s musical force is concentrated in the Son de Vigo Festival: a great festival dedicated to new music talent in Vigo, included in the Vigo Festival programme, which takes place in early August.

The name of this music festival in Vigo makes a pun in Galician language, since "son de Vigo" can be translated both as "I'm from Vigo" and "sound of Vigo". The event provides an opportunity for Vigo's young bands in a luxury setting: the Praza da Constitución Square, in Vigo’s Old Town. At the same time, you can listen to some of Vigo’s renowned bands like Siniestro Total, in the Castrelos Auditorium and for a symbolic 2€ fee.

Tips and recommendations: 

Not many Spanish cities have Vigo’s strong musical tradition. It’s a city full of quality bands; therefore, there are dozens of live music venues in Vigo, offering entertainment any time of the year. If you love music, we recommend you visit Vigo.

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