Vigo’s tourist profile is that of a young Spanish person, 35 to 40, travelling to the city by car to spend a few days with friends or family. That traveller type is the result of frequent tourism statistics that take place in Vigo to learn more about its visitors, with the aim of offering a different tourism product, tailored to their specific needs.

Most valued elements: Galician cuisine, Vigo’s cultural life, the Cíes Islands and, above all, its people are the city’s main attractions.

Spanish tourism: of the more than 25,000 visitors that stopped by the Vigo Tourist Office in 2011, 19,000 came from different parts of Spain, mainly from Madrid, Andalusia, Castilla y León and Catalonia.

Cruisers: More than 250,000 cruise passengers from the world's most famous ocean liners disembarked in Vigo last year, tourists from the Independence of the Seas, Queen Mary II...

Foreign tourist: In addition to those arriving on cruises (mostly British), Portugal provides one of the most significant figures regarding foreign tourism in Vigo. This is mostly due to its proximity and the good road communication between Portugal’s main cities and southern Galicia. Our neighbouring country is followed by France, Germany and Argentina.

Urban tourist: What most of the tourists coming to Vigo have in common is that over 70% come from cities and consider Vigo an ideal destination for a comfortable and affordable city break.

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