Why Vigo

There are a thousand reasons why Vigo is a unique tourist destination in Spain. Still young regarding the traditional holiday tourism and congresses and incentives tourism circuits, Vigo has all the necessary features to further consolidate its path as a vital tourism centre in Galicia:

1) Privileged location. Its location gives it a strategic role in north-western peninsular tourism and its transport infrastructure makes it the hub around which the Galicia-North of Portugal region pivots.

2) Business city. Vigo is Galicia's largest city, its economic engine and the urban centre of the Rías Baixas region. It’s the tourist destination with the largest and most recognized, nationally and internationally, growth in recent years. Vigo hosts some of the most important international trade fairs, like Conxemar, Navalia or the Salón del Automóvil (Motor Show), among others.

3) Modern infrastructure. A part from its innate charm and numerous roads, we would like to highlight the city’s tourist infrastructure. Accommodation is plentiful, of all imaginable categories and styles and directed to all types of guests, urban and nature lovers. Furthermore, the city has an excellent network of social and cultural spaces, from museums to venues for events of all sizes.

4) Domestic and international connections. Vigo and Madrid have always had a close economic and cultural bond. Both cities are connected by air, rail and excellent roads. Moreover, Vigo and its emblematic Peinador Airport are open to all, maintaining air links with Spain’s major cities like Barcelona, Seville and Bilbao, as well as the rest of Europe.

5) Mild climate. Vigo’s microclimate is an exception in Galicia and even Spain; although it’s in the north, it’s one of the cities with the most clear days in the country. Vigo lives in a transition from Mediterranean to Ocean climate, with mild temperatures: around 25°C (77°F) in summer and never below 6°C (42°F) in winter.

6) For all budgets. You can enjoy Vigo on any budget, from accommodation to its wonderful gastronomy and entertainment. There are luxury plans for the sybaritic and affordable options for family trips and the younger traveller.

7) Large but manageable. Its 300,000 inhabitants and 68 miles² make it the largest city in Galicia. Nonetheless, it’s a place where comfort and short distances are part of everyday life. Friendly, flexible and manageable, Vigo is a city to visit and above all, a city in which to live.

8) A safe city. Crime rates in Vigo are lower than the Spanish average for cities of over 150,000 inhabitants, something noticeable by the city’s visitors. The rate continues to decline, by 33% in the last year. This is reflected by the city’s lively streets and an intense but safe nightlife.

9) Unspoilt nature. Despite being a large industrial city, Vigo boasts the luxury of a virtually untouched natural environment, with large forest parks, hiking trails, a section of the coastal Portuguese St. James Way and natural areas unequalled in Spain, like the Cíes Islands.

10) A coastal city. The spectacular Vigo estuary, the southernmost and deepest of the Rías Baixas, is the city’s lifeblood. Always present, visitors can enjoy the splendid views if offers from almost any point in the city, as well as lie in some of its long, fine sandy beaches to watch the beautiful Atlantic horizon.