Turismo de Vigo

The art of oyster tapas began in the historical centre of Vigo. Nobody knows exactly when, but they were popular with Napoleon’s troops before they were later defeated and had to withdraw! On Rúa Pescadería, or Rúa das Ostras, oysters can be enjoyed with a beer or a glass of good Albariño or Ribeiro wine. And it is very interesting and entertaining to see the ostreiras as they open their fresh product with great skill and speed, much enjoyed by their many customers who hardly have to wait at all as hundreds of oysters are sold and eaten in a flash.

Our famous, exquisite shellfish and fresh fish, newly arrived at the port from the seven seas, has been turned into a tapa, cooked according to tradition or with the unique skills employed in cuisine d’auteur. And we enjoy it at the most select restaurants, modern tapas bars, traditional taverns or the terrace of any bar before lunch or dinner. And, as we say in Vigo, we mustn't forget our famous marisco de cortello, because our meat, enjoyed with fresh vegetables from the valleys around Vigo, is simply delicious…

Another of the more unique traditions of Vigo nightlife consists of meeting friends to see the sun set on the beach or at the docks before setting off on the right foot on a tapas route together: Historical centre (known locally as the Casco Vello), Ensanche, Bouzas, Calvario, Travesas (consult the turismodevigo app), before joining the nightlife, going to a concert or the theatre and enjoying a walk under the city lights.