Turismo de Vigo

RENFE has prepared an “Ancestral homes and historic gardens route” for you. Through your window you can comfortably contemplate the lovely landscape of the Rías Baixas, with its fertile valleys embraced by the sea. You will be amazed at the beauty of the railway route between Santiago de Compostela and Vigo. And, in addition, you can visit the best gardens and ancestral homes along the route.

Once in Vigo you can stroll through the grounds of the Quiñones de León Ancestral home - Museum, that the last Marquis of Alcedo generously donated to the city and marvel at the outstanding beauty of its award-winning, surprising gardens.

Why not also take time to explore the O Castro park, a hill located in the centre of the city covered with extensive gardens and crowned by the old fort, from which you can enjoy some breathtaking views of the city of Vigo and its estuary.

You can also get to know the romantic, intimate garden of the Sales Foundation, close to Samil beach, created by landscape gardener Francisco de Sales Covelo, midway through the last century.

And why not wander along the old-fashioned tree-lined avenue of Plaza de Compostela, with its trees that are over a hundred years old, its fountains and sculptures and historic buildings that overlook the square, with pleasant terrace cafés and restaurants where you can try the famous Galician gastronomy and its delicious wines.

¡A delight for your senses...!