Street markets

Street markets in A Laxe and Samil

Vigo’s street markets are a classic. Every day, street stalls are set up in Samil beach and in the vicinity of A Laxe (in Vigo’s Old Town), two of the more touristy areas of Vigo. You’ll find crafts, handbags, watches, souvenirs... as well as containers to brew a classical queimada (a traditional liqueur punch), a process that requires a mystical incantation to ward off evil spirits. These stands are filled with bargains, curios and souvenirs, and both markets are a good excuse to visit the surrounding area. 

Pistas y recomendaciones: 

The one in Samil is a plus to a fantastic summer day on the beach or a pleasant walk in winter.

When in A Laxe, you can also visit the entire area of the Port of Vigo, De las Ostras Street and the Old Town.