By foot, bicycle or horseback

Travelling to Vigo by foot or bicycle? Indeed. You are going to visit Galicia’s largest and most modern city, but you may not know its greatest secret: its natural heritage. Vigo is part of several historical paths and trails, such as the Camino de Santiago through Vigo.

Once you get here, if you’re not tired of walking or pedalling, you can schedule several days of hiking through some of Galicia’s most spectacular hiking trails, like the GR-53 trail, which links all of Vigo’s forest parks.

These are your options if you want to walk, pedal or horseback-ride to Vigo. If you’ve decided on an equestrian route to Vigo, keep in mind that horses are not allowed in the urban area of the city, but there are two stables in Vigo and its surroundings, where they can rest and recover from a long journey. They will be glad to inform you of the available trails and horseback routes in Vigo