Atlantic Islands National Park Interpretation Centre

Learn more about the Atlantic Islands

Before or after getting on a boat to the Cíes Islands, visit the Atlantic Islands National Park Interpretation Centre in Vigo’s Old Town. This exhibition centre was designed to learn about the geography of the Cíes Islands, Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada, with audiovisual recreations of their day and night atmosphere.

The different exhibition areas will allow you to explore the archipelago through different formats and media: images, maps, models, projections, sounds and even sculptures, in an atmosphere full of sensory stimuli.

Tips and recommendations: 

The Interpretation Centre is located in the historic building of Cambón, behind the Church of Santa María and a few steps from Prescadería Street, where you can sample our famous oysters. It also has the advantage of being very close to the Ría Maritime Station, from where liners depart for the Cíes and other parts of the Vigo estuary

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