Biking through Vigo’s nature trails

Vigo is an ideal destination for bicycle touring in Spain. It has a unique climate that is mild throughout the year, unlike the rest of southern Galicia, and it’s right by the sea; it has beautiful mountains and natural areas... This is the place to enjoy long bike routes.

Despite its famous slopes and intricate terrain, the city’s natural environment is lovely and Vigo is full of cycling enthusiasts. There is really nothing like the forest parks around the city for mountain biking. Mountain bike racing events with the most important national sports figures are organized in some of the parks, like Fragoselo.

Vigo also has extreme bike routes: O Marisquiño, an annual city festival, includes a wild down-hill in the heart of the city, and BMX international exhibitions.

If what you’re planning is a bit of bicycle tourism to quietly pedal around Vigo, the da Auga Route is for you. It runs parallel to the Vigo Estuary and has wonderful views. You can also go on a bicycle route along the sea through Samil until you reach Toralla, or follow the Blue Path from Lagares River to the sea.

There are shorter and more comfortable areas for a bike ride with children, like the Bouzas Promenade, which borders O Adro Beach. There’s also a bicicle trail along Castelao Avenue, in the neighbourhood of Coia.

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Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo