San Blas

A winter festival in Bembrive

The Festival of San Blas is Vigo’s winter celebration par excellence. Every 3rd of February, thousands of people “take over” the small parish of Bembrive to enjoy one of the most popular festivities in Vigo: San Blas.

You may have celebrated this famous saint’s day elsewhere in Spain, but we’re sure you’ll never forget a San Blas in Bembrive.

First of all, thanks to its people, who fill the streets under the rain or a scorching sun (yes, both are a possibility in Vigo in February), dancing and singing around every corner. And second of all, thanks to the furanchos, our typical improvised taverns installed in garages, and even the living rooms of houses, to sell the wine harvest surplus. During San Blas, we also bring out the delicacies made from the traditional pig slaughter, like our hearty Galician stew, tripe, ears...

Tips and recommendations: 

If you don’t like crowded celebrations but you want to try the local delicacies in a furancho, you can visit one in January and while you’re there, take a lovely walk in the Bembrive Forest Park.

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