Vigo’s Neighbourhoods

Explore Vigo’s neighbourhoods

The essence of Vigo is in its neighbourhoods. The complex process of the city’s growth and its distribution in parishes has left us sights as unique as a garden or a poultry pen, located less than 200 metres from the city's main artery, the Gran Via. Beautiful villages like Cabral contrast with tireless working-class neighbourhoods such as Teis, forged during the boom of Industrial Vigo. The city is also made up of historical towns like Bouzas, an area with a distinctive marine feel.

Don’t limit your exploring to the city’s centre, visit the districts of Vigo. This is where much of its cultural wealth resides, as well as a great selection of entertainment options.

Cíes Teis Candeán Cabral Lavadores Sárdoma Bembrive Zamans Beade Valadares Castrelos Matamá Freixeiro Vigo Centro Coia Bouzas Alcabre Comesaña Navia Coruxo Oia Saiáns