Turismo de Vigo


You have come to work and we know that you have little time for fun but:

Enjoy the oysters:

So that you can try the taste of the sea in Vigo, just right and at a reasonable price you must taste the famous oysters from Vigo, which are served on the street by ostreiras who open them for you, on the spot and with great skill, within a typical environment and in perfect harmony with wines such as Albariño Rías Baixas, a young Ribeiro or draft beer.

Tasting seafood from the estuary:

Did you know that the months that contain “R” in its Galician name – the actual language in Galicia-, are the best times for the famous Galician seafood? After summer, finally there is abundance and variety. It’s time to try and see what the season will bring, knowing it will improve even more with the cold; but for now it is a delight to eat seafood in Vigo’s terraces, sucking the legs, scraping the shells, dunking in the carapaces, picking out from different parts the white meat. Mmm, you don’t even need to be hungry!

Sail to the Cíes Islands:

The trip by boat to the Cíes is an unforgettable experience that allows you to enjoy the extraordinary scenery of the estuary and its sheltered waters, and if you love idyllic surroundings and the biodiversity of natural sanctuaries, it is essential to go along to the archipelago of Vigo, which is made up of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. Known as the Islands of the Gods in ancient times, it is not surprising that in them can be found what is considered the best beach in the world: Rodas.

Try it…. and see!!!