Weekly outdoor markets

Explore Vigo’s neighbourhood markets

Vigo’s passion for fairs (our traditional outdoor markets) is such that we are the city in Galicia with the most weekly markets.

There are weekly markets in Bouzas (Sundays) and Coia (Wednesdays), two of Vigo’s most emblematic neighbourhoods. These fairs are typical flea markets where you can find from a fashionable T-shirt to seeds for the garden... and all of them serve rosquillas, a type of delicious local donut. You’ll find everything and more. 

Tips and recommendations: 

Outdoor markets are one of the best ways to immerse yourself in our city and its customs. Bring cash, because even if you're just browsing, you’ll probably end up buying something.

If you’re driving to Vigo, you can take home good samples of our tasty fruits and vegetables, straight from the garden... or even a fruit tree seedling!

Información práctica: 

Read how to get to Vigo’s neighbourhoods.