As Greas GR-58 Trail

Cross the entire region of Vigo

The GR-58 trail crosses the entire region of Vigo and is one of the longest hiking trails in Galicia. It can be divided into smaller sections, like the one we suggest here and on which you can find spectacular herds of wild horses (as greas, in Galician language) that give the trail its name. The trail offers ethnographic and archaeological elements.

This trail through Vigo coincides, for the most part, with the GR-53 Vigo Panoramic Trail. It begins at the border with Nigrán and Gondomar, at the top of the Alto de Canabal. From there it descends into Vincios and A Pasaxe and, following Zamáns River, it runs along the reservoir and enters the University Campus. After continuing behind the recreational facilities of the Mercantile Association, next to which you’ll find a mámoa, the route descends slightly until it reaches the Alto de Puxeiros and then enters a native forest area.

This Vigo section of the GR-58 trail passes by the Vigo Airport, continues through a recreation area next to the Lagares River source and then it climbs up the Vixiador mountain in Candeán, where you can see another important mámoa.

The entire As Greas Trail between the border of Vigo and Nigrán and the O Vixiador Forest Park is approximately 18 miles, but its proximity to several roads means it can easily be divided into several stages.

Unlike the GR-53 Trail, which runs closer to the sea, the GR-58 Trail is always at an altitude, so its first sections have a lower difficulty.

Tips and recommendations: 

The entire trail has numerous rest areas, parks and establishments where you can rest and get supplies.

Public transport is available on both ends of the trail.

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Practical information

Distance: 18.6 miles divisible in sections.

Duration time: Eight hours.

Difficulty: Easy.

Type of route: Not circular.