Eifonso River PR-G5

A route through forests and among mills and hermitages

The Eifonso river PR-G5 route is a short nature trail through native forests and along mills and chapels. It runs next to the city and is perfect for walking and relaxing by the river. This path has a bit of a slope and will allow us to go down places full of natural beauty, where there are still many ethnographic elements.

This short trail in Vigo is easily accessible from the city centre on public transportation or by car. You can take Madrid Avenue out of the city towards O Porriño and then turn in Bembrive and take the road to Beade. You’ll see the beginning of the trail, along with its mills and small waterfalls, approximately 150 feet from the bridge that crosses the Eifonso River.

After walking straight ahead and passing the crossroads, the path gradually climbs up to the hermitage of San Cibrán, which is surrounded by a lovely area. This is the perfect place to rest a bit before continuing up a steep rise and turning slightly to the left while crossing a thick forest and the highway that goes to Val Miñor. This area is full of paved roads and the remains of ancient settlements.

The trail ends in the Beade Forest Park, with stunning views over the valley and the city in the background. Another possibility is continuing along the long-distance trails (GR-53 and GR-58) that cross all of Vigo’s mountains.

Tips and recommendations: 

Popular processions are held next to the chapel of San Cibrán and, in early fall, the Fiesta de la Sidra (Cider Festival) celebrates this drink made traditionally by many families in the parish of Bembrive.

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Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

Distance: 2.5 miles.

Duration time: One hour and a half.

Difficulty: Medium-low.

Type of route: Not circular.