A neighbourhood in a natural environment

Beade is a parish in Vigo that is bursting with life. Located in a beautiful vantage point, Beade Forest Park is a great place to enjoy one of the best views of the Vigo Estuary and the Cíes Islands. Beade is especially famous for its cherries. In the spring, it becomes the Galician equivalent to Extremadura’s Jerte valley; its cherry trees dyeing it a lovely pink and white. It is located in the Fragoso valley, which is crossed by four rivers (the Xerxas, Mao, Babio and Quintián). 

Tips and recommendations: 

The parish church dates back to the late 17th century and has an interesting cruceiro in its atrium, of unknown origin.

Don’t miss out on the cherries festival and  Santa Ana festivities

Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

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