Sailors’ Quarters

Wandering around seafaring streets

You’ll find Vigo’s marine past and present in its coastal neighbourhoods.

We recommend you start in the Old Town, for example. The old fishermen's houses still stand in O Berbés Square, with its ancient arcades that once touched the sea, and where they used to sell the fish. Now the auctions held in the impressive Lonja (large fish market), and Beiramar (the avenue leading to Bouzas) is full of shipyards, consignees and fishing companies.

If you follow Beiramar, a great option is to visit Bouzas, one of the best examples of seaside neighbourhoods in Galicia. On the seafront, you’ll find the sailors’ association, and you can even have a look at the rebuilt classic boats on display in the dock.

If you walk up to O Focho and Mourisca beaches in the evening, in Alcabre, you’ll see men fishing in the Vigo estuary. Between those two beaches you’ll find the Museum of the Sea, a mandatory stop to learn about our fishing history.

You can also relive our fishing past by visiting A Guía Mountain, in the picturesque Teis neighbourhood. Walk down to the beach at the tip; it’s one of the most popular: a space for leisure in the centre of the area’s bustling naval activity.

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Don’t forget that you’re visiting Vigo’s best neighbourhoods to enjoy our cuisine, based on fresh fish and seafood.

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