Fish and seafood

The cuisine of the sea

The word mariscada (seafood platter) must have been invented in Vigo, and if it wasn’t, we’ve earned it throughout the years. There’s no other city in Spain where you’ll enjoy seafood like in Vigo: crayfish, crab or spider crab from the Vigo estuary share their tray with barnacles and shrimp; not to mention octopus, cuttlefish, squid, mussels and the famous Vigo oysters. Take a big bite of the sea!

There are over 3,000 bateas (mussel farms) in Galicia’s inlets, so it’s not surprising that top-rate restaurants like El Bulli or Mugaritz serve seafood from its waters.

Another Galician delight is its fish. Markets are filled with species for all kinds of dishes, from the humble rock fish to the sublime turbot or wild sea bass. Aquaculture has also helped make the prices of many species affordable while maintaining a high level of quality.

Learn a bit more about the products of the Vigo estuary: