Agudo Mountain Route

A walk through the forest in the Cíes Islands

The Agudo Mountain route is a nature trail through the forests of the Cíes Islands. Begin at the information booth next to the pier and then turn right heading towards Figueiras Beach. When you get to the island’s main crossroads continue straight to the side of Agudo Mountain, then turn left towards the bird observatory that watches over the islands’ steepest coast, overlooking the ocean. This is the ideal place to observe the hundreds of yellow-footed seagulls that populate the park.

The observatory also offers a great view of the Cíes Islands and the neighbouring coast of O Morrazo. If you turn back for a bit and then left, you’ll reach O Peito lighthouse, the point closest to the mainland, just 1.2 miles from Home Cape. From there you can see Ons Island, in the mouth of the Pontevedra estuary, also part of the National Park.

Tips and recommendations: 

This route passes by Figueiras Beach, which is nudist.

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Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

Distance: 3.4 miles.

Duration time: One hour and 45 minutes.

Difficulty: Medium.

Type of route: Not circular.