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A visit to the campus

The University of Vigo is located in a privileged area, the Lagoas-Marcosende Campus. This is a spectacular complex designed by two of the best Spanish architects: Enric Miralles and Alfonso Penela. There are impressively shaped, vanguard buildings like the Aulario: a set of modules on concrete, steel, wood and zinc, and sports facilities such as the indoor area, a construction that respects the surrounding landscape by having an underground main floor.

But the university is much more than a beautiful container; it’s really all about content (national and international!). Every year, the city welcomes Erasmus students from Germany, France, Poland, Italy, and Brazil, among others. The University also has agreements with Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Taiwan, which contributes to the enrichment and the cosmopolitan feel of Vigo.

Tips and recommendations: 

The University of Vigo Campus is surrounded by forest parks located in an impressive mountain. After your visit the campus, you can walk to the Zamáns neighbourhood, where you’ll find the weekly market, if you're lucky, or you can visit the reservoir and its muíños.

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Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

Do you want to study in Vigo? The Vigo University Campus is a perfect place to learn Spanish or study the secrets of the sea. Read about the different programs on the UVIGO website and in the Guide for Foreign Students.

If you’re already a foreign student in Vigo, you can inquire about the current volunteer programs at the Vigo Tourist Office.