Boat parties

Come aboard for a fabulous night

Partying in Vigo... on a boat! Imagine a party aboard a fantastic schooner, or having a yacht at your disposal to celebrate a special occasion with your friends. Or perhaps you’d prefer a romantic evening for two on a beautiful sailboat.

Vigo is the perfect place to organize all sorts of boat parties in the estuary: stag parties, honeymoons, birthday parties, corporate events and incentive trips... You can experience a luxurious night for much less than you imagine.

There are companies that rent boats for parties, like Maregalia, an ideal choice if you came to Vigo with a group of friends and you want to organize a unique event. Others, like Mar de Ons, offer tours on Saturdays in summer, the only thing you have to do is sign up.

Here are all companies that offer boat parties in Vigo or that rent boats with a skipper to sail along the estuary... just let your imagination roam free!

Tips and recommendations: 

If you came to Vigo on your own, you can also enjoy a boat party along the Vigo estuary; many of these companies hold parties for singles and events during the city’s festivals: you can sign up to celebrate San Juan or the Bouzas Festival at sea, and meet lots of people.