Vigo’s traditional dances

Give Galician dance a try

Dare to try a little Galician dancing in Vigo: do a few stretches and prepares your feet, because you’re in a land of dancers. Traditional dances in Vigo are an institution; there are dozens of events every year, where the youngest to the oldest dancers strut their style. Furthermore, our Municipal Dance School is of the highest level.

We don’t ask for too much, just a bit of spirit to move your feet to the beat of, say, a muiñeira; you’ll hear it in every popular celebration.

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Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

  • Escuela Municipal de Danza de Vigo
  • Pza. del Rey, 1 - sótano 1
  • Telephone number: 
    986 810 167
  • Email address: