Sports in Vigo

A wide selection of sports activities in Vigo

Vigo is a city for sports tourism. That's truly the best way to enjoy its natural potential and join in one of Vigo’s favourite activities: jogging, swimming, playing football... Castrelos Park or the Ensanche area are some of the locals’ favourites for a good urban training.

If you're more of a basketball player, there are basketball courts throughout the city. Do you skateboard? If so, O Castro Mountain is the place for you, and if you prefer to roller-skate, you can do so along the sea, in Samil Beach, where there’s also a car racing circuit and a bowling alley.

Vigo has a unique network of sports facilities: 10 sports centres, 3 sports complexes and several swimming pools. Many of them offer the option of purchasing a day pass to have access to their facilities. Check the Vigo Town Council Official Website for more information.

You can also read about all of Vigo’s annual sporting events.