Skateboarding & Roller-skating

Vigo, the skateboarding capital of Galicia

Vigo is the Galician capital of skateboarding. If you love this sport, a trip to Vigo will always be a good option; you’ll find all the urban culture related to the practice of skateboarding as well as some of the best places to test your skills. In addition, O Marisquiño, the most important skateboarding event in northern Spain, takes place in August.

One of those legendary places to skateboard in Vigo is O Castro Mountain. There are numerous ramps and it’s a very quiet place to practice until nightfall. You can also go to Montero Ríos, where Vigo’s skaters practice daily in the Plaza de la Estrella Square or in the Náutico.

If you prefer roller-skating, there’s a fantastic rink in Samil Beach and the city is full of long paths to roller-skate at your leisure, in Bouzas, for example.

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Vigo is counterculture. No other city in Galicia has its rebellious, restless, and creative attitude, which is not only reflected in its musical history, but also in other areas of urban culture: fashion, sports...

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Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo