Celebrate San Blas de furanchos

Bembrive is one of Vigo’s parishes where the word authentic truly applies. It’s the only one with a regional mayor, and years there don’t start in January and end in December, their calendars go from 3rd February to 3rd February. That’s the day Bembrive celebrates the popular San Blas festivities. This saint day is celebrated throughout Spain, but none compare to the festivities in Bembrive. Thousands of people gather in their furanchos, a sort of family tavern opened for the occasion to eat delicious Galician stews washed down with the year’s best wine. If you need to take a little walk after the feast, you’re in the right place; Bembrive has 335 hectares of forest. The local residents take very good care it, since much of the funding for this parish comes from logging.

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Bembrive has 137 hórreos, 85% of them over 100 years old. You should also visit Santiago de Bembrive, the parish church dating back to the 12th century, as well as the Cacheno cruceiro, built in the 18th century.

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