Noble estates and Vigo’s largest shopping centre

Freixeiro is Vigo’s neighbourhood where rural and urban styles go hand in hand. Few places in Vigo show a clearer contrast of the city’s rural past with the frenetic growth of the last two centuries. To one side of the Gran Vía, the most modern city goes up and down without stopping... and on the other, a Vigo of ancient pazos, rural estates where you can still see cattle grazing. This is a Vigo is full of charm, authenticity and tradition.

As well as modernity! At walking distance, you’ll find one of the largest shopping areas in Vigo: the Gran Vía Shopping Centre.

Tips and recommendations: 

The Pazo da Pastora or Santo Tomé, dating back to the 14th century and formerly called Busteu Tower, is worth a visit. Its owner was Pedro Álvarez de Soutomaior, known as Pedro Madruga.

If you’re interested in ethnography, don’t miss the Liste Museum.

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