Industrial Vigo

The past and present of Vigo’s industrial history

Industrial Vigo is one of the most dynamic and surprising faces of the largest city in Galicia. This is why discovering Vigo through its industrial routes is one of the most striking options.

Centuries have passed since the Romans preserved fish with the salt from salting factories in Vigo, but the source of Vigo’s economic activity is still the sea.

The rise of the canning industry in the 19th century and the arrival of Citroën in the 1950s were key elements in the development of Vigo’s industrial profile.

Vigo is currently the centre of a strong shipbuilding industry, as well as fishing and fish processing and preservation. The port of Vigo is an international trade and transport centre, as well as a stopping point for numerous cruises. We are still a city that lives facing the Atlantic and who lives from its wealth, both in the culinary and economical senses.

Vigo’s industrial history is a huge part of the city’s development, culture and character: naval, marine, innovative... This is Galicia’s true engine.