La Farola (The Streetlight)

Let’s meet at the streetlight on Urzáiz

La Farola (The Streetlight) on Urzáiz Street was designed by Jenaro de la Fuente and is one of Vigo’s centennial monuments, installed in its present location in the mid-20th century. Saying La Farola in Vigo is like a password: it’s probably the most common meeting point in Vigo when in the city centre, the ideal place to sit on one of the benches and wait while watching people walk along one of Vigo’s busiest streets.

In 1972, it was moved to Bouzas for the First World Fishing Fair and it stayed there for years until it was returned to its original location. This impressive monument made of stone and cast iron, full of hanging lamps, is one of Vigo’s civilian heritage treasures.

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Don’t confuse it with the small streetlamp that decorates the centre of the nearby Praza da Constitución Square, in Vigo’s Old Town: that’s the first streetlamp that was lit with electricity in Vigo. The streetlight on Urzáiz is the monument that decorates the entrance to Príncipe Street, Vigo’s most popular pedestrian and shopping street.

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