Nightlife in Samil/Beiramar

A long night by the sea

Vigo’s largest nightclubs are in Samil and Beiramar, some of the city’s high capacity places that are open the longest.

Nonetheless, this is a route suitable for any time of the day: it begins with a spectacular sunset in a unique setting, Samil beach, where you can enjoy a relaxing drink in any of its terraces. There are very nice bars, pubs and terraces on the beach, where you can enjoy a cocktail or a beer before diving into Vigo’s nightlife. There's even a bowling alley, a nice alternative plan for family entertainment.

After that quiet drink, know that Beiramar and Samil have dozens of afterhours clubs that are open until dawn. Stop in Europa Avenue, where several generations of the city’s young people have danced during its longest nights.

As the night progresses, and without losing sight of the sea, you can take the party to several nightclubs in Beiramar, where huge warehouses have been converted into the most modern dance floors.

Tips and recommendations: 

The time to be in the area of Samil is in summer; the year’s longest nights and warm weather are perfect for drinks in terraces. But Beiramar’s clubs are the real must for dancing until the wee hours.

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