A neighbourhood bursting with life, from the park to the stadium

Castrelos houses the largest urban park in Vigo, from which it takes its name. For centuries, this was the land surrounding the pazo that belonged to the Earls of Valladares. Walking through its paths, some along the Lagares River, is a real pleasure. The park also houses the Pazo - Quiñones de León Museum, a favourite among the locals of Vigo when it comes to important celebrations (there’s always a waiting list). The pazo is surrounded by beautiful gardens with a magical lure. Do not miss the French Rationalist and the English Romantic gardens in the lower part of the estate.

You can also visit the Balaídos Stadium and enjoy a first division football match.

Castrelos’s Pereiró Cemetery is also an interesting place to visit; it has remarkable sculptural funeral monuments and several important people are buried there, like Concepción Arenal, a writer and social activist.

Tips and recommendations: 

In summer, the City Council organizes free concerts in the stunning Castrelos outdoor auditorium, one of the most impressive in Spain. Even without a concert playing, sitting in the stands is a delightful experience.

The stretch of the Lagares River that passes through Castrelos is one of the most popular parts of the Senda Azul (Blue Trail), which will take you down to the beaches along the river.

Another thing you shouldn’t miss is a visit to the Castrelos Romanesque church, dating from 1216.

Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

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