Art Galleries and Antique Shops

When you want to buy something special: art and antiques

There are numerous art galleries and antique shops in Vigo, offering an amazing selection for an industrial city. When you visit Vigo, you will not only enjoy a long list of museums and art foundations, the private cultural activity is also nothing to frown upon. Vigo has approximately 20 private art galleries, where you can see exhibits by the latest Galician artists, discover national and international talents and buy pieces of art.

You'll also find auctions and antique shops that will transport you back in time to discover little treasures.

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Tips and recommendations: 

Most galleries and antique shops are in Vigo’s Old Town; while exploring the area, be sure to have a look at the buildings’ facades in the Ensanche as well as the old mansions in the Old Town.

Información práctica: 

Check the schedule of exhibitions in each of the galleries.