A sea of flavours

Eating in Vigo is like diving into a sea of unique ​​flavours. Its gastronomy is much more than a gourmet experience or an opportunity to taste the best seafood from the Vigo estuary at affordable prices, it’s a true ritual. Galician food culture in Vigo is manifested in every daily habit; from a drink before lunch, to tapas, to a beer after work, or a family churrasco (barbecue) on the weekend.

In addition, there are dozens of gastronomic festivals in Vigo that honour Galician products, and we have dishes that are part of the classic Spanish cookbook, like the empanada (fish or meat pie) or octopus á feira.

The success of Vigo’s gastronomy is based on several factors: the rich tradition of Galician cuisine, one of the most varied, tasty and recognized in Spain, the diversity of options to dine in Vigo and the exceptional Port of Vigo, which supplies our lonja (fish market) with the best raw materials, as well as other food markets and restaurants.

What are you waiting for to try our sea of flavours?