St. James Way through Vigo

Experience the Portuguese St. James Way along the coast

The St. James Way through Vigo is one of the most beautiful sections of the Portuguese version of the way to Santiago, as it runs along the coast. This coastal detour of the Portuguese Way crosses the Minho River’s mouth. This pilgrimage route then continues parallel to the coast along A Guarda, Oia, Baiona, Nigrán and Vigo, before returning to the main road in Redondela.

This coastal route from Vigo to Santiago was followed by the pilgrims who, for various reasons, did not want to cross the busy Tui border. This trail was also a good option because it provides a route with views of the sea. It allows you to choose either a comfortable and flat coastal course or a somewhat higher and wilder route, full of natural charm and through the mountains that surround the city. If you decide on the pilgrimage route along the coast, there are many ways in which to walk from Vigo’s southern boundary with Nigrán up to the northern one with Redondela. If you choose to go through the mountains, you can use the certified hiking trails in the area, like the GR-53 or the GR-58: both link Nigrán and Redondela through Vigo.

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This pilgrimage route to Santiago was recently restored, so its signs are not yet fully adapted. However, the coastal trails are of indescribable beauty and are worth exploring.

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Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

Distance: Approximately 12 miles, depending on if you choose the coastal or the interior route.

Duration time: Five hours.

Difficulty: Medium.

Type of route: Not circular.