Vigo’s Old Town

Explore narrow streets and discover historical buildings

We suggest a short walk through ancient Vigo: a one mile route across the streets of the Old Town, where you'll discover that the centre of Vigo hides a past carved in numerous stone buildings. This route through ancient Vigo’s architecture will help you experience the city’s history on foot.

The route begins in the cruise ship pier, next to the tourist information office, where you can still see the underground remains of the ancient city wall. After walking up to the Praza da Princesa square and the Porta do Sol, from the top of Paseo de Alfonso XII avenue and to your right, you’ll see O Berbés square. If you continue your stroll you’ll reach the lower part of the area, where there’s a square of arcades; this was once a beach where fishermen moored their boats and you can still see the city’s oldest seafaring buildings.

From this lower part of the city, you can walk up calle Real street, dotted with stately houses, such as Bárcena, Pazos and Figueroa and, most importantly, Casa de Arines or Ceta, dated from the 15th century and the oldest and most emblematic in Vigo’s Old Town; it’s currently the headquarters of the Camões Institute of the Portuguese language.

Just before reaching the end of calle Real, a small right turn will lead you to the narrow Cesteiros street, full of artisan shops. Once in Praza da Constitución, where you’ll find the old town hall, walk back down on the left towards the Colegiata, the city’s most important church. From there you’ll see the end of the route: the cruise ship pier, as well as part of the city and the estuary, thanks to the viewpoint over A Pedra square and the gateway that leads to A Laxe Shopping Centre and Vigo’s berths.

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Tips and recommendations: 

Vigo’s Old Town is full of slopes and stairs, but there’s always an alternative route accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

Distance: 1.2 miles.

Duration time: An hour and a half with stops.

Difficulty: Medium-high.

Type of route: Circular.