What to do in Vigo

Travelling to Vigo with children will be the most family fun you’ll have had in recent years. The largest city in Galicia is a unique family holiday destination in northern Spain: comfortable, safe and with all necessary amenities. Vigo offers specific options for children throughout the year, to make sure they have a great time... as well as you!

Discover the family plans Vigo has prepared for you to enjoy the North of Spain, its long beaches, delicious cuisine, tranquillity and above all, the hospitality of its people.

What to do in Vigo: Plans for families

Turismo de Vigo

Recreate the Reconquest of Vigo

The city’s Old Town travels back in time to the 19th century...

Turismo de Vigo

Experience Vigo during its Great Week

Vigo’s Great Week is the largest traditional festival in Vigo...

Turismo de Vigo

Bid farewell to the "meco" on Carnaval Tuesday

The Entroido or Carnival in Vigo is one of...

Turismo de Vigo

Learn to sail in Vigo

Nautical training is in style; there’s an increasing amount of people...

Turismo de Vigo

A family day in Samil Beach

Samil is Vigo’s most famous beach for families and the...