What to do in Vigo

Travelling to Vigo with children will be the most family fun you’ll have had in recent years. The largest city in Galicia is a unique family holiday destination in northern Spain: comfortable, safe and with all necessary amenities. Vigo offers specific options for children throughout the year, to make sure they have a great time... as well as you!

Discover the family plans Vigo has prepared for you to enjoy the North of Spain, its long beaches, delicious cuisine, tranquillity and above all, the hospitality of its people.

What to do in Vigo: Plans for families

Turismo de Vigo

Family afternoons in Galicia’s Zoo

Vigozoo is the only zoo in Galicia, and it’s the ideal...

Turismo de Vigo

A climb up to the top of Agudo Mountain

The Alto del Príncipe Route is a nature trail that...

Turismo de Vigo

Along the southernmost coast of the central O Faro Island

The A Porta Lighthouse Route in the Cíes Islands offers a...

Turismo de Vigo

A riverside trail from the city to the beaches of Vigo

The Senda Azul (Blue Trail), which includes the Lagares River path, is...

Turismo de Vigo

A walk through the mountains that guard the sea

To make the route easier, it’s advisable to descend the trail by starting in the...