Turismo de Vigo

Your children don’t know the sea and you’ve never been out on a boat before? The most southerly of the Rías Baixas estuaries has excellent natural conditions for sailing and water sports and offers a landscape that is so beautiful it will cast a spell on you.

In Vigo you can sail safely and comfortably every day of the year: the ferries, which cross the estuary many times a day, will give you a chance to have your ‘baptism at sea’.

And before setting sail, find out about the history of Vigo and its bay at the Centro de Interpretación de Vigo y su Ría Visitor Centre, where you can immerse yourselves in tales of tides, battles, treasures, pirates, submarines, sea-wolves, cormorants and dolphins. Once on the boat you’ll see the Cíes Islands and Rande suspension bridge and, if you’re lucky, dolphins will jump alongside the prow. You’ll pass by the rafts where they farm the famous Galician mussel, which you’ll be able to taste once back on land at any of the seaside taverns in the old town of Vigo or Bouzas.

You’ll discover why Vigo is not just a place to go to – it’s a place you’ll always return to.