Turismo de Vigo

The days are growing longer and the " Ría " acts as a mirror to brighten the light that floods into every corner. 

The first buds are appearing and the grass is growing again.

The fish are jumping in the bay, enjoying the rich nutrients that are beginning to bloom in the deep ocean waters that flow far into the estuary.

There are more sailing boats in the harbour and more walkers on the shoreline paths.

We are visited by sea birds in search of the north: seagulls, cormorants, shearwaters, scoters, gannets, terns, herons. They cross the sky or dance on the fine sands of our beaches before diving into the waves to seek food in a fascinating free spectacle.

 In the city centre, people walk unhurried along the pedestrian streets, now flooded by laughter and voices. And new pavement cafés to stop and enjoy life at spring up on every corner.

Come to Vigo. You will discover its light in spring and how the breeze becomes more subtle as it pushes you towards the Cies islands which await your visit now they are renewed after the winter.