The city of Vigo

Vigo is made up of many Vigos

Vigo is a unique city in Galicia. It’s the perfect blend of a traditional and historic location with an active city, beaches and mountains, industry and innovation.

This unique personality is reflected by its streets and neighbourhoods. Vigo is divided into parishes, something uncommon in the rest of Spain. The city’s growth during the 19th and 20th centuries was so fast, that it absorbed the neighbouring villages and towns without giving them time to integrate into the urban structure.

The Centre of Vigo is bursting with commercial and cultural activity, since the heart of the city was built around the port. However, you’ll discover charming spots in all of Vigo’s neighbourhoods, as well as natural areas and recreational activities to enjoy your holiday in the south of Galicia.

In this section, you’ll discover many cities within the city, many Vigos within Vigo...