What to do in Vigo

If you're travelling on a cruise across the Atlantic, sailing along the coast of northern Spain, you’ll probably stopover in Vigo; the Queen Mary 2, the Independence of the Seas, and hundreds of other cruise ships stay in the port of Vigo for a few days during their routes to the Mediterranean.

To help you make the most of your stopover in Vigo, the largest city in north-western Spain, we designed a selection of plans for cruise passengers. This great city with a sailor’s soul is full of vitality, beautiful sunsets, lively shopping routes and a cuisine unlike any other in Spain.

What to do in Vigo: Plans for cruise passengers

Turismo de Vigo

The city along seven centuries

Vigo’s historic buildings offer a voyage in time, from its past to its...

Turismo de Vigo

A circular route through the Ensanche and the Old Town

If you choose this urban route through Vigo in 90 minutes...