Forest Parks

A walk through the infinite mountains of Vigo

Vigo offers 437 square miles of forest parks for you to unleash your inner adventurer. Many are communal property and they hold an intact ecosystem thanks to the neighbours’ collective efforts. You can enjoy the native flora and fauna with only a backpack and your hiking spirit, or a mountain bike.

In addition to nature trails, you’ll find well-equipped leisure grounds where you organize an outdoor barbecue with your family or friends, enjoying a typical churrasco (grilled meats) or grilled sardines. Most have fabulous views over the Vigo estuary and are dotted with fountains, rivers and streams that will make you walk all the more pleasant.

To explore them all, the best option is to walk along Vigo’s Panoramic Trail, indicated as the GR53, which covers 11 of the 12 forest parks in Vigo.

There’s detailed information regarding all of Vigo’s forest parks on the city council’s official website.