Among beaches and archaeological sites

Coruxo is a neighbourhood along the coast dotted with beaches, a paradise the Romans turned into a residential area. Its forest park offers some of the most spectacular views of the Vigo Estuary. Furthermore, if you’re on O Vao beach, you can cross over bridge, where there is always someone fishing, to explore Toralla Island and swim in the only beach in Vigo that faces south.

If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast, the mountains of Coruxo are ideal for a good workout. This neighbourhood often hosts an important international tournament.

Tips and recommendations: 

Visit its 12th century Romanesque church, which still preserves its ancient skylights. Also, don’t forget that you are in an area full of archaeological remains: the petroglyphs of Fragoselo and Castiñeirón, among others.

In June, the parish holds its main festivities in the land bordering the beautiful chapel of San Sebastián; and mid July is the time for the Virgen del Carmen festivities in the chapel of Vao.

Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

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