Pazo de San Roque

Discover one of the most iconic stately manors in Vigo

The Pazo de San Roque is one of the oldest manors in Vigo. It was built in the late 17th century and was the home of the Mendez de Sotomayor family for years. It has belonged to the Abanca bank since 1925, and while the main building is usually closed to the public, it opens on special occasions such as the San Roque Festival (16th August) and the gardens are open all year round.  

The estate is well worth a visit. The pazo’s façade, its blazons and the chapel’s belfry are really beautiful.

Tips and recommendations: 

If your visit to Vigo coincides with San Roque (or the milagreiro saint, as we call him), don’t miss these spectacular festivities: thousands of followers gather in the vicinity of the pazo.

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