Monumento a Julio Verne (Monument to Jules Verne)

The sculpture of Verne, literary ambassador of Vigo

If there is one essential monument in Vigo, that’s the monument to Jules Verne. The great writer devoted a chapter to "The Bay of Vigo" in one of his most famous books, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, fuelling the legend of the Rande treasure with the adventures of its popular main character, Captain Nemo, and his famous Nautilus. Jules Verne even came to visit the city some time after writing the novel, so in his honour and on the centenary of his death (2005), the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Pontevedra commissioned this bronze sculpture from local artist José Molares and donated it to the city. Since then, the writer has been sitting on the tentacles of a giant squid in the Avenidas, next to the Montero Ríos gardens.

The city even has a Vernian Society: a group of journalists, artists and writers that honour the memory of our most beloved writer.

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Take a stroll through the Montero Ríos gardens, from the Vigo Maritime Station to Praza da Estrela, if you want to contemplate this particular sculpture of Jules Verne. On the way you can also admire the El Nadador sculpture by Francisco Leiro.

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