Outdoor running in Vigo

Waking up and going jogging in the beach: this is what your holiday in Vigo will offer, and much more. Because Vigo is a green paradise for you to run tirelessly, a place where you can choose to do so in urban parks, sports facilities like in Balaídos, and nature trails. You set your limit.

The easiest option for foot races is Castrelos Park, where there’s a perfect circuit to continue your daily workout during your stay in Vigo. And if you enjoy mountain trail running, you can choose from 12 forest parks with different terrains, depending on the route’s difficulty.

Long distance running takes place in the larger paths; you’ll be surprised by the varied and extensive routes available in the city’s surrounding areas.

Challenges are also key events in Vigo; sign up for one of the most traditional races in northern Spain, the Vig-Bay, a half-marathon that takes place in late March between Vigo and Baiona, along a spectacular coastal road.

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Check the information and registration for the half-marathon in the Vig-Bay website

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