A land of mountains

Valadares is a green parish, flanked by the beautiful dos Pozos, Alba and Galiñeiro mountains. Its almost 8 square miles are Vigo’s border with Val do Fragoso and Val Miñor. In the mountain of Galiñeiro, the best area for climbing in Vigo, there’s an archaeological route on which you can see dozens of petroglyphs. Alba and Monte dos Pozos are the ideal place to enjoy Vigo with your family. Both are forest parks with BBQ areas and easy walking trails to walk or bike.

Don’t miss this neighbourhood’s ultimate gastronomic celebration in mid-July: the fiesta del pulpo (octopus festivities) in Monte dos Pozos.

Tips and recommendations: 

The late 17th century parish church is well worth visiting. Valadares also has 240 catalogued hórreos, called cabanas by this area’s inhabitants.

Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

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