Vigo Vello

Discover the commercial area in the Old Town

Vigo Vello is the open air commercial area in Vigo’s Old Town. It’s a rapidly changing area that’s full of life, where the pleasure of shopping can be combined with a quiet stroll among its people, shops, baroque buildings, etc. You’ll find streets like Cesteiros, where artisans have been weaving their baskets outside for decades. All kinds of crafts, souvenir shops and classic establishments make up one of the most authentic commercial areas in Vigo.

On your visit to this shopping area in ​​Vigo, you’ll quite possibly find one of the activities frequently organized in the neighbourhood, like the popular Tapas Contest or the traditional products fair, held the first Saturday of every month.

Tips and recommendations: 

A visit to the Old Town is a real must. This is the heart of the city, and apart from the beauty of its buildings and cobblestone streets, you’ll find a huge selection of places to eat in Vigo, from traditional taverns to the trendiest restaurants. And don’t miss the O Berbés food market!

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