The Cíes Islands by boat

Sail your ship to the Cíes

If you like sailing, doing so along the Vigo estuary and getting to the Cíes Islands on your boat is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Remember that to spend the night on your boat surrounded by the islands, you must request an anchoring permit for the Cíes and respect the area reserved for swimmers, marked with buoys 650 feet from the shore.

Getting to the archipelago on your own boat will allow you to enjoy San Martiño Island; its beaches are completely unspoiled, since the regular boat lines don’t include it in their routes.

Tips and recommendations: 

You can swim and snorkel if you requested a permit to do so, but don’t forget that spearfishing and sport fishing is forbidden in the Cíes and in all the park’s surrounding areas.

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Practical information

Permits to anchor in the Cíes Islands: Solicit a permit online