Nightlife in Churruca

Vigo’s most independent nightlife route

In Churruca, Vigo’s night listens to rock and indie music. This nightlife area of Vigo is named after one of its main streets and it’s a real paradise for live music enthusiasts. You’ll find legendary rock clubs, new concert venues, cafes that are everyone’s meeting points, colourful pubs founded by local music legends and even independent galleries.

Nights in Churruca begin with an after work drink, starting at eight in the evening. There are several places where you can have a beer or wine with your friends, or before your first drink, choose a cosy café to sit and digest your dinner.

When midnight comes, what’s really difficult is going to sleep: check the schedules for the bars and venues in the area, there’s always a concert, party or DJ session you can go to. After that, just choose a few among dozens of bars and clubs. There’s reggae, Galician rock, independent music, funk, electronic music... and especially pop and rock.

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Vigo’s indie area is divided by Cervantes Street. From the junction with Churruca, it covers Rogelio Abalde, Irmandiños and Martin Códax streets and down to Alfonso XIII and the area surrounding the church of Santiago de Vigo.

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