A sea for navigation

Nautical tourism in Vigo has a long tradition and many enthusiasts. The excellent natural conditions for sailing and water sports offered by the Vigo estuary provide a unique landscape in Galicia for your enjoyment. Only in Vigo will you feel the infinite freedom of sailing the Atlantic Ocean while watching the bustling life of the largest city in the Rías Baixas.

Vigo is a mixture of nature and city life, putting the best scenario for a nautical trip at your disposal. Vigo is the place to sail the southern coast of Galicia, surf in some of the best beaches of the Rías Baixas, discover the estuary on a quiet kayak trip, take sailing lessons or participate in a canoeing competition along the Vigo estuary.

Vigo Tourism offers you A Sea for Navigation, where you'll find everything you need to organise a full and exciting nautical tourism trip to Vigo: Vigo’s marinas, nautical activities, sailing lessons, surf courses... Choose and enjoy!